Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Back Again

Blogging has been light because I have been conducting certain highly-sensitive investigations in a Secret Undisclosed Location code-named "The West." To my loyal readers (a group whose size--and I do not mean to brag here--reaches the exalted plane of "several"), I say: fear not. I have returned.

As a result of my investigations, I can divulge that "The West" is large and contains many brightly-colored rocks.


  1. If a couple is two, and a few is three, then several is less than a dozen yet more than fou?

    1. A weighty question. "Several" is definitely more than two. Upon mature consideration I would enumerate "several" as three to six. Admittedly this overlaps with "[a] few"; but "few" carries a definite connotation of smallness, scarcity, of insufficiency that "several" lacks.

      This has been your periodic definitional quiddity update.