Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It's MORE Official!

Anyone remember this?

Here's the proof, hot out of the mailbox.

This is the January/February issue. It will probably be on sale on or around December 21st.

The printed version that's isn't quite my original submission, but it's extremely close. I spotted a couple of small editorial substitutions and one minor infelicity. Needless to say, I am heartbroken and outraged and convinced that my dignity has been stolen and . . . oh, wait, none of that's true.

The Ellery Queen website shows the links to order the digital version of the magazine from Amazon, B&N, etc.--or to subscribe to the physical edition, which no doubt would thrill the editor. There are still a few old-school vendors that carry physical copies, including the iconic (but endangered) Out of Town News in Harvard Square and (hooray!) the much-loved A. J. Hastings in Amherst.  It looks like you could also order single issues online from Magzter

By the way, two people deserve special thanks.

One is, of course, my wife. I know that sounds conventional, but it is literally true that there is no significant part or plot point or development in "The Adventure of the Disguised Passenger" that I didn't talk over with Robin.

The other is the lovely and talented Mr. Steve Hockensmith, who:
  • Gave me the inspiration in the first place;
  • Permitted me to shamelessly steal appropriate characters he'd created;
  • Read the manuscript and gave it his seal of approval; and
  • Suggested a suitable publication/editor.
Important shameless co-promotion! Steve is going to be bringing back his "Holmes on the Range" series. And he's going commando—i.e., self-publishing. Please support him when he does.


  1. Congratulations, Jonathan! I felt honored when you told me you'd tipped your hat to my characters...and then relieved when I read the hat-tip and saw how darned well-done it was! In one story you perfectly captured two very different literary voices. I'm not surprised Janet snatched it up for EQMM. I would've been shocked if she hadn't!

    BTW, you should keep your eye on the EQMM website, http://www.themysteryplace/eqmm. They always excerpt a couple stories there, and I wouldn't be surprised if yours gets picked for the honor when they start promoting the issue you're in.


    1. Thanks much, Steve! I know I speak for much of the New England literary establishment when I say that we're all looking forward to the official return of the Reds.

  2. Really excellent news, JT. Glad to see you are getting the recognition. I will, of course, be buying a physical copy as soon as I can.

  3. I buy office supplies form AJ Hastings. I just talked to my contact there and they are going to set aside some copies for me when they come in next week. I'll bring them with on New Year's day.

    1. That's super! Thanks so much. Signed copies for everyone. Someday these will be high-priced collectibles and you can put them on ebay and get rich.