Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Return of the Special Guest Reviewer!

As with last year, we are fortunate to have the 2015 book reviews of Mr. Mike Phipps. For reference, among Mike's books, I have read the following within recent memory:

Backroom Boys
Why Did the Chicken Cross the World?
Paris Reborn
The Courtier and the Heretic (not nearly as good as Wittgenstein's Poker, in my opinion)
Stuff Matters
American Lion (a good book; another view of Andrew Jackson is in Daniel Walker Howe's Pulitzer-winning What Hath God Wrought)
Rust (one of my favorites of 2015)
Is That a Fish In Your Ear? (I liked this much more than Mike did)
The Lions of Al-Rassan
Dead Wake
The Wright Brothers (another of my favorites of 2015)
Thinking, Fast and Slow
The Shepherd's Crown
Beyond Numeracy
The Road Not Taken
The Violinist's Thumb
How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming

Mike's taste and mine are often similar but not identical. Read and ponder!


  1. May I suggest curating a joint collection then? With placards and app tour callouts for the differences.

    1. I've thought about it. I'm probably too lazy, though.