Friday, December 18, 2015


Great Scott! I said this almost a year ago, and I have not done anything. Fortunately the Internet seems to have staggered along somehow, no doubt because others have stepped up in my absence. However, just in case ...

Note position of foot relative to head. 

This is the reason you shouldn't play Twister with cats. Well, one reason, anyway.

There. If that doesn't send my blog hits through the roof, nothing will.

1 comment:

  1. So, from your original introduction, you said you would write about Books, but also Coding, Science, Philosophy, Politics, Trains, Music, Travel, and of course the fuel of the Internet - Cats. A detailed study of the content of the last twelve months shows a heavy skew toward books (see table below)

    Category Count Percentage

    Introduction 1 1%
    Cats 1 1%
    Politics 1 1%
    Authors 1 1%
    TV (Star Trek) 1 1%
    Tangent (Book) 2 2%
    Observation 1 1%
    Movies (Star Trek) 1 1%
    Short Stories 2 2%
    Spambot Overlords 1 1%
    Book Review 84 88%

    Total 96 100%

    Unless you meant that the books would cover those subjects, in which case you might be covered. But on the off chance that you actually meant that you would discuss those subjects, I believe that you have 9 days to blog about the remaining Coding, Science, Philosophy, Trains, Music, and Travel.

    I'm just saying.